In the words of Hector Berlioz:

    The trombone is, in my view, the real leader among the class of wind instruments I have described as epic. It possesses to the highest degree nobility and grandeur. It commands all the accents, grave or powerful, of high musical poetry, from imposing and calm religious tones to the frenzied clamor of an orgy. The composer may at will make it sing a chorus of priests, threaten, utter a subdued lament, whisper a funeral dirge, raise a hymn of glory, break out in dreadful cries, or sound its formidable call for the awakening of the dead or the death of the living.

The trombone can communicate the subtle characteristics of early music, the beautiful melodies of the Romantic period and the complexities of contemporary music.  In the hands of mature players, the trombone quartet is an excellent way to promote our instrument as capable of what Berlioz lists above and more.  This ensemble promotes these qualities in our performing and teaching.

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Photo by Sarah Lagermann - slagermann@hotmail.com